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Lepine Apartments

Lepine Apartments is a family-run business with over 10 million square feet in residential construction. As a premier builder and landlord in Eastern Ontario, Lepine Apartments has more than 60 years of construction history and has spearheaded a refreshed standard of living in the Ottawa rental market.

Lepine Apartments believes in pairing design with lifestyle. Each Lepine property is designed with luxury in mind including open lounge areas, massage chairs, creation rooms, fitness centres, and pools. Tenants can enjoy all of the amenities that make residing in a Lepine Apartment an unparalleled experience.

Residing at Lepine Apartments offers a change of pace that enables tenants to breathe deeply. Enjoy the landscape of the courtyard, any time of the year at any of their great properties. Lepine Apartments are conveniently located in areas that provide excellent access to Ottawa’s historic downtown core with easy access to shopping amenities such as the St. Laurent Shopping Centre and Trainyards Shopping Centre, numerous outdoor activities and local landmarks like Parliament Hill.

Ready to rent one of these fantastic apartments in Ottawa? Call Lepine Apartments today!

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